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Monday, September 9, 2013

The Neighbors TV show coming to Australia. Surely they could fix the spelling!

I recently saw the American comedy 'The Neighbors' advertised which is coming soon to an Australian TV channel. I don't recall which TV channel. What really concerned me was the spelling of 'Neighbors'.

Most people won't think this is a big deal, but to me this is irresponsible. The TV networks really should reconsider the spelling. If you think it doesn't make a difference I'll share this story from my high school years. The principal took the class and gave a spelling test. I had most of the words correct but missed a few. I then worked out the correct spelling but there was one word the teacher said I'd spelt incorrectly still. I couldn't work out which one.

The word was chaos which I spelt as kaos. Now having grown up with Maxwell Smart anyone will realise that Kaos was a word I'd see most days on TV. After a while it became part of my spelling without me realising. At least now I don't spell chaos incorrectly.

I can't help feel concerned for the younger generation who will now be presented regularly with the spelling 'neighbor'. I wish it wasn't so, but there is little I can do to influence the situation.
Actually there is something I can do which is to encourage people to watch the show direct from the USA. That way you can emphasise the spelling is because you're watching a show from the USA. I just tested the service which enabled me to watch the show on the computer. Connect your computer up to the TV and have some fun watching American shows complete with their variation of the English language. At least watching the show direct from the States may reinforce why there is a spelling difference.

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