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Monday, June 9, 2014

Australian dictionary online has a password which you can get for free.

Many people visit my Australian Dictionary site and attempt to use Word Check. Word Check is my online tool to enable people to see if they're using the preferred Australian English spelling, to provide suggested words if the spelling is incorrect and to look up the meaning of a word using a convenient link.

Word Check is password protected and available for free to users of my dictionary products. To be frank, my testing shows making Word Check available without a password simply means people benefit from my efforts but give nothing back. The sales of my dictionary products do not change with or without the password, so I prefer to use my energy to help those that support me and by adding a password, I'm able to contain the cost of server resources.

I was thinking if you don't with to purchase one of my dictionary tools, but still wish to use Word Check, one way you could help me would be to provide an active link on the internet to my Australian Dictionary page. In return I'd be more than happy to provide the password. If this interests you please contact me.

Kelvin Eldridge

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