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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Thirty per cent of people worry about making writing and spelling errors.

When I read the linked article this paragraph caught my attention.

"Failing to achieve key outcomes/goals was considered the worst mistake ever made (32 per cent) quickly followed by written errors and spelling mistakes (30 per cent).",

I thought that's a lot of stress, some of which can be avoided.

Over the years I've read of many people getting stress or grief from their spellcheckers. The most common being the use of "ize" spelling (which is a secondary spelling variation in Australia), which is considered by many as American spelling and incorrect. In particular this affects students.

If spelling is causing you grief, Word Check is the only online service enabling you to check to see if the word you're using is spelt using the preferred Australian English spelling. The Microsoft Office add-ins enable you to eliminate thousands of secondary spelling variations often considered errors. For more information visit

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