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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Apple's Do Not Disturb feature advertisement spelling of Favourites incorrect.

I noticed on television recently the Apple advertisement highlighting their Do Not Disturb feature. What caught my eye was the spelling of Favourites as Favorites.

Where possible I like to set my user interface to use Australian English. The iPhone doesn't directly support Australian English, so the next best option is to select British English. At least this way the American English spelling isn't used.

The ad caught my attention because I hadn't seen the ability in the iPhone to set the Do Not Disturb feature further than turning it on and off. The ad showed there were more settings, so where were they, and was the spelling really Favorites.

A bit of investigation showed the options for the Do Not Disturb feature were hidden under Notifications. I often find Apple rearranges the user interface over time and having the settings for Do Not Disturb in a separate area isn't quite logical, so I suspect this will be rearranged in time. However once you know the feature is under Notifications you can then change the settings.

Since I've set my iPhone to use British English spelling I was pleased to see the spelling was the correct spelling of Favourites. Looks like Apple simply reuses the ads they created for America on Australian TV.

What started as checking the spelling on the Apple iPhone user interface ended up being a useful diversion, as it showed me there were more options behind the Do Not Disturb feature. I'm always amazed when an interest in the Australian English spelling takes me on journey.

Kelvin Eldridge
Creator and maintainer of the preferred Australian English spelling dictionary.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Herald Sun article contains the spelling license instead of licence.

Spelling a word such as licence correctly can be quite difficult. What I find doesn’t help is when a newspaper uses the incorrect spelling of a word. This article in the Herald Sun uses the American spelling of licence instead of the Australian English spelling.

A DRINK-DRIVING P-plater has had his car impounded and license suspended after police discovered two teenagers in the boot of the overloaded vehicle. ... Read More

- Kelvin Eldridge
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