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Friday, February 10, 2012

Australian English dictionary support for Google Chrome, Firefox and Thunderbird

A number of people ask me about the dictionary files I produced for open source projects. To clarify the situation, I no longer support open source projects. I found the projects simply took my work and gave nothing back.

Firefox for example took my work, changed the licence against my wishes and then now takes donations leading people to believe they've put the work in. Google just took my work and incorporated it into their Google Chrome Browser and gave nothing back.

As a result I no longer support open source projects. Each of these projects and many others could have equally linked to my site as I made the files available. That would have helped both of us to grow. Instead by taking the work of others when it isn't necessary, they build their own projects at the expense of others.

I'm interest in working with people where we help each other.

I now only provide my work to clients. It is only with the support of clients I can support my family.

Thank you to the clients who support me and appreciate the value I bring to their homes and businesses.


Kelvin Eldridge