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Friday, November 8, 2013

The Counselor - Now showing with American spelling.

Perhaps because of my interest with the preferred Australian English spelling, when I see movies using American spelling it puts me off the movie. I do think however there is a lesson to be learnt here. Your spelling can and does have an impact on your audience.

I could not possibly imagine an Australian movie being released in America where the spelling wasn't appropriate for America.

My main concern with movies such as 'The Counselor' using American spelling is the confusion it can create. Spelling is hard enough as it is, but when well publicised movies use an incorrect spelling in Australia, that spelling becomes recognised by many Australians who then incorrectly think it is the correct spelling.

I now wonder how many movies shown in Australia both past and present, use or used American spelling. I wonder if it was 'The Colour Purple', or 'The Color Purple'?

One thing I did find interesting is the trailer used by Vue Movie Cinemas in England uses the spelling 'The Counsellor' in the title and credits. For England it appears there has been some effort to use the correct local spelling, but no such effort has been made for Australia. I personally don't think that is good enough.

Kelvin Eldridge

UPDATE: I've noticed the correct spelling now appearing in Australia for the trailler for Village Cinemas, yet their site is using the spelling 'counselor'. The general rule when there are two different spelling variations available is it isn't good to use inconsistent spelling.

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