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Monday, September 23, 2013

European Commission Directorate-General for Translation - English Style Guide

I find it interesting that people from all over the world use the preferred Australian English spelling in their local region. The reason is often the same as that which applies to us in Australia. The Microsoft spellchecker does not provide the preferred spelling, but simply allows multiple spelling variations (e.g. organise and organize), where both are considered correct. However, even though both are considered correct, there is usually a preferred spelling.

Sometimes I get feedback from users which I find others may be interested in. Joseph from France passed on a link to European Commission Directorate-General for Translation - English Style Guide, which I found contained a considerable amount of useful information. It seems I still have a great deal to learn about the English language and I find examples in style guides can be very useful.

Keep in mind the style guide is for the European community, and there as some differences from the preferred Australian English spelling, such as 'spelled' and not 'spelt'. So if you find a spelling which doesn't quite look right to you, check the spelling using Word Check.

Thank you Joseph for your support and sharing the information on the Style Guide.

Kelvin Eldridge

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