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Thursday, September 5, 2013

University of South Australia - Branding and Style Guide errors.

I came across the University of South Australia Branding and Style Guide and thought it may be useful to provide a link for others. The university recognises the importance of branding and style. What did surprise me was the number of small errors on the site which could mostly be picked up by the preferred Australian English dictionary files I provide.

The University of South Australia operates in a competitive tertiary education sector where reputation, name and image are valuable assets.... Read More

The following are the pages on the site and the issues I’ve identified. - etc -> etc. - eg -> e.g., makeup -> make-up - acknowledgment -> acknowledgement - spell-checkers -> spellcheckers - eg -> e.g. - eg -> e.g. - spell checking -> spellchecking - serveral -> several - be.g.inning -> beginning - webpage -> web page - percent -> per cent - Familyname -> Family name, Firstname -> First name, Thankyou -> Thank you, absolutey -> absolutely, webpage -> web page - ie -> i.e. - powerpoint -> PowerPoint - eg -> e.g. - eg -> e.g.

Apart from the issues mentioned, you may find the UniSA house style to be a useful guide. Perhaps the only guidance I may feel differently is the example with regards to ‘résumé and resume’. My own feeling is the use of accents for ‘resume’ would normally not be required because the context should provide sufficient clues so that they are not needed. Others may feel differently. I don’t claim to be an expert and continue to improve my own use of the preferred Australian English spelling.

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