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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Backflip on recent post. Word Check is now available for everyone

I've found over the years that we all believe when you help others, others will help you. I still believe that. But I think people need a nudge, a reminder.

Open source showed me when you give to others they'll take from one person but give to someone else. For example Google and Firefox took my open source work which had involved hundreds of hours and gave nothing back to assist me. But they do make their work available to others. I've falling into the same trap.

People are helping but they don't realise they're consuming the energy of those helping them and need to think about giving something back to those helping them. People need to be reminded to help those who help them and not just give to someone else, otherwise, those who give will soon run out of energy.

For a while I'll be making Word Check open for anyone to use. No need to register or use a password.

There is a notice on the Word Check page asking others to spread the word on Word Check. At the end of the trial I'll review my logs and see if the amount of referred traffic has increased or had some other effect.

It costs no one anything but a small amount of time to help promote.

If nothing else the dictionary work has made me realise the importance of giving back to those who help you. Now if someone helps me I make the effort to find out how I can help them. Then I can help others. I think that is a good outcome.

Kelvin Eldridge

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