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Sunday, April 14, 2019

Word of the Month appearing in Credit Matters newsletter celebrates nearly 3 years of articles.

Sometimes when we look back we wonder where has the time gone. Today I was writing my latest Word of the Month for the Credit Matters newsletter. Much to my surprise I'd written 33 Word of the Month articles. That's three years of Word of the Month articles. Where has the time gone?

The following are the artiles which have so far appeared in the Credit Matters newsletter. Many of these articles have also been published in this blog.

debateable or debatable
nana or nanna
disruptor or disrupter
adaptor or adapter
“awhile” or "a while"
learnt or learned
driver’s licence, drivers’ licence, drivers licence, or driver licence
pre recession, prerecession or pre-recession
veranda or verandah
forego or forgo
in-store, in store, or instore
Labor or Labour
program or programme
grey or gray
business person or businessperson
Aging or Ageing
disorganised or unorganised
Fathers Day, Father’s Day, or Fathers’ Day
curb or kerb
percent or per cent
defence or defense
licence plate or license plate
ensuite or en suite
cash flow, cash-flow or cashflow
comradery or camaraderie
doughnut or donut
judgment or judgement
spellchecker or spell checker
enquiry or inquiry
thank you or thankyou
co-operation or cooperation
Organisation and Organization
practice and practise

Hundreds of people have read these articles and it is my hope people have enjoyed reading about words which they may also have trouble with. Hopefully the articles have added value to people's lives.

Kelvin Eldridge
The preferred Australian English spelling.

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