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Friday, April 11, 2014

Dictionary meaning - How to use Word Check to check the meaning of a word and to see examples.

Word Check which is available at enables you to check if you are using the preferred Australian English spelling for a word, but it also enables you to check the meaning of a word and often see examples of usage of the word. This is done by providing links which takes you to an external reference.

If the word you've entered is a correct spelling you'll see the Meaning section displays an O and a W which are links. Clicking on the O will take you to the Oxford online dictionary, which is a UK based resource. If you click on W you'll go to Wiktionary. There is currently no online Australian references that can be used to check the meaning of words so using the Oxford and Wiktionary is a compromise, but will often return useful information. By using Word Check first you'll first know whether or not you're using a valid and preferred spelling for a word, and then using the overseas based resources you can check for further information.

Sometimes when you click on the O link you'll find you aren't presented with the word entry in the Oxford. You may need to re-enter the word when you reach the Oxford site. This is often because you've entered a capitalised word or a plural which can't be linked to directly. With Wikpedia keep in mind it is useful, but I don't consider isn't considered authoritative. I've found errors in Wikpedia in the past which is a concern. Also keep in mind when using Wikipedia you'll often find suggestions that may be correct for overseas countries but are not necessarily correct for Australia.

The password is available for Word Check for all purchasers of the Australian dictionary products I provide.

Kelvin Eldridge

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