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Monday, April 28, 2014

Why does nearly everyone spell the word spellcheck incorrectly?

I just wrote this comment on another group I participate in and thought I'd also share it here.

I thought I'd share this little known flaw about Microsoft's spellchecker and nearly every spellchecker you're probably using.

 The spelling in Australia is spellcheck and in America it is spell-check.

 Why then do so many people end up writing spellcheck using two words?

The answer is really simple. The dictionary you're using with your spellchecker doesn't include the word spellcheck and it attempts to give you the best suggestion by substituting characters. The space is one such character. Since your spellchecker does not know the word spellcheck, it ends up inserting the space between the two valid words, spell and check, and then offers 'spell check' as a suggestion. Since people don't know better they end up using the two words 'spell check', and because no error appears, they think they've used the correct spelling.

The simple and free way to fix this issue is to add the word spellcheck and variations to your custom dictionary. Alternately, you can get the best spelling for Australians at to fix this and a over two thousand other issues your spellchecker could handle better.

Now you know you have now reason to write 'spell check' as two words. I'll be watching. LOL

At least now you know it isn't your fault, so if someone picks you up on your spelling, you have someone else to blame;-)

I should also say, the people probably using 'spell check' correctly as two words will be witches and warlocks. May all your spells be good spells.

Kelvin Eldridge
The only preferred Australian English spelling dictionary. 

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